What is the cost of St. Petersburg city tour?

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Do you want to see more and take photos near the most beautiful places of Russia's Northern Capital? Book the City Sightseeing Driving Tour. Your English-speaking driver will show you around St. Petersburg's city center and stop where you want to. Can be conjoined with shopping. Pick-up and drop-off spot on demand. Tailor made options and special requests are very welcome! Available any time of the day and might take 3 - 5 hours.

The city driving tour service in St. Petersburg can cost anything between 350 RUB (5 EUR) and 15 000 RUB (200 EUR). It all depends how well you're prepared before your trip. Do yourself a huge favour and find more information and testimonials on the relevant websites and ask for an advise from fellow travellers. Taking the cheapest option is fine, but remember: the car will be old and small and the quality of the driving skills will be very much questionable. Please remember that many tourists have experienced a taxi scam and paid exorbitant amounts for transfers.

Our rates are not the cheapest but very fare for "Meet-and-Greet" service by English-speaking drivers at St. Petersburg. Book your chauffeur, taxi and transfers in advance and be driven by the local professionals.

Starts from 3-hours for just 54 € + 5 € *surcharge for the Peter & Paul's parking fee if visited.

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