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Petrograd side... Seven Islands of the Neva Delta — Zayachy, Petrogradsky, Aptekarsky, Petrovsky, Krestovsky, Kamenny and Elagin — United in one city district. Islands Petrograd side three centuries ago became the cradle of St. Petersburg. Historical information
The geographical area of the district is 24 km2
The population of 131 356 people.
The total area of green spaces is 494.8 hectares
There are 5 metro stations in the district: Petrogradskaya, Gorkovskaya, Chkalovskaya, Sportivnaya, Krestovsky island
Federal highways - 2, and territorial roads-33
There are 21 educational institutions in Petrogradsky district, including 8 General education institutions, 3 with in-depth study of subjects, 1 education center, 5 gymnasiums, 1 Lyceum and 3 correctional institutions
Number of pre-school educational institutions-54

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The largest medical centers include: St. Petersburg state medical University named after academician I. p. Pavlov, Research Institute of experimental medicine of the North-Western branch of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences, Research Institute of pediatric infections of the Federal medical and biological Agency, Institute of human brain. N. p. Bekhtereva, INFLUENZA Research Institute.

There are 8 higher education institutions in the district:
- St. Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics
- St. Petersburg state electrotechnical University. V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin)
- St. Petersburg state medical University named after academician I. p. Pavlov
- St. Petersburg state Maritime technical University
- Military space Academy named after A. F. Mozhaysky

Cultural institutions-51. The largest include:
- State Museum of history of St. Petersburg (Peter and Paul fortress)
- St. Petersburg theatre " Music Hall"
- Palace of Culture. Lensoveta
- St. Petersburg theatre "Baltic House"
- St. Petersburg planetarium
- Military history Museum of artillery, engineers and signal troops
- Museum of political history of Russia
- Leningrad zoo.

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