Extra waiting time at Saint Petersburg airport Pulkovo and toll road charges


Kindly note that the tariff provided includes 1(one) free hour of waiting time at the airport. The driver will monitor your flight via the Flight Radar App and arrive at the airport's waiting point in about 25-30 minutes after the actual landing time of your aircraft in case if it's an international flight, and in about 15-20 minutes in case if it's a local flight. The waiting time starts then.

In case you have your own ideas for the exit or you need extra time at the airport, you're welcome to send us a clear instruction such as: "START WAITING 45 MINUTES AFTER THE LANDING" or "PICK UP AT ??:?? (CERTAIN TIME)".

Should you have any complications at the arrival e.g. extremely long waiting lines, passport control complications, luggage delivery delays, lost luggage case, or any other issues - contact us immediately!

The driver will leave the airport in approximately 1,5 hours time after the actual landing of your aircraft should you fail to contact us and request to extend the waiting time.

The assigned driver will be able to wait for you as long as it takes once the relevant instructions are received from you via phone or WhatsApp call, message, or SMS. 

The flat rates for excess waiting time are as follows:

  • 10€ per hour - comfort class transfer

  • 15€ per hour - minivan class transfer

  • 25€ per hour - executive class transfer

  • 35€ per hour - luxury class transfer

Charges for toll road fees in Saint Petersburg:

Kindly note that the airport transfer to or from Vasilyevsky Island, to or from Petrogradsky District, Primorsky District or Kurortny District will attract a fee for the toll road.

Airport Pulkovo is very user-friendly and easy to go around. 99% of our pickups are smooth and trouble-free. The exit usually takes 30 - 45 minutes. Follow our guidelines and your arrival to Saint-Petersburg and your airport transfer will be as easy as a pie. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or suggestions. Have a safe journey!

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