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For the best taxi experience in Russia, comfort and safety, use an official Saint Petersburg Taxi for all International airport and train station transfers, Pushkin and Peterhof trips, personal chauffeur hire and cheap city rides. Intercity transfers to Helsinki, Tallinn, Veliky Novgorod, Vyborg and Pskov are also available. Fixed rates and different payment options such as online card payment, PayPal, cash RUB / USD / EUR.

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Saint Petersburg International Airport Pulkovo Taxi and Transfers

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Everyone agrees that the best way of taking care of your trip is to book everything in advance. Transportation is the most essential part of your journey. Neglecting your airport transfer arrangements can bring the whole pale of negative experience and unnecessary troubles. Do yourself a favor and avoid the Metro and public bus at least for the day of your arrival and departure. Spending so much effort to go this far to St. Petersburg, Russia, don't save a few extra euros, as it will not affect your budget heavily. Enjoy a warm welcome at the arrival hall of Saint Petersburg International Airport Pulkovo, get help with your luggage, and travel in comfort with an English-speaking driver.

St. Petersburg International Airport taxi and transfer service

St. Petersburg Taxi is providing transfers 24/7 to and from International Airport Pulkovo, city center hotels, river and sea Cruise Ports, train stations and bus stations, theaters and museums, as well as to distant suburbs, such as Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo), Pavlovsk, and Peterhof (Petrodvorets). Do make use of our full-day cab hire, chauffeur services, and Intercity transfers to Helsinki, Tallin, Veliky Novgorod, Vyborg, and Pskov.

Airport Transfer in St. Petersburg with Comfort class vehicle for 30 EUR

Airport Transfer in St. Petersburg with Comfort class vehicle

Airport Transfer in St. Petersburg with Minivan class vehicle for 50 EUR

Airport Transfer in St. Petersburg with Minivan class vehicle

Airport Transfer in St. Petersburg with Executive class vehicle for 65 EUR

Airport Transfer in St. Petersburg with Executive class vehicle

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How to find your taxi driver in St. Petersburg

Your driver will be waiting for you at the arrival hall of Saint Petersburg airport Pulkovo with a name sign or will find you at the reception of the hotel or specified Airbnb address. Most of the questions are answered on our FAQ page.

Saint Petersburg International Airport Pulkovo (LED)

Saint Petersburg International Airport Pulkovo is the fourth largest airport in Russia by the number of passengers served after the Moscow air hub. It is located 25 kilometers from the city center. The nearest metro station is "Moskovskaya", which is 10 kilometers away. There is no express train connection to the city whatsoever. The airport code is LED. It was assigned to the airport when the city was called Leningrad, survived Soviet times, and has survived to this day. The airport has about 4,000 employees.

Saint Petersburg International Airport Pulkovo Transfers and Taxis

The infrastructure and quality of air passenger service in Pulkovo today meet the highest international standards. In addition, airlines are constantly expanding the route network of the airport, connecting St. Petersburg with direct flights to new cities around the world, and the city authorities are actively working to increase the volume of incoming tourism to the Northern Capital of the Russian Federation.

Useful arrival tips for St. Petersburg airport Pulkovo

Welcome to St. Petersburg! Look out for your name sign at the arrival hall and have your phone switched on. Pulkovo airport is relatively small. If you don't see your name sign - the meeting point is near the "Starbucks Coffee" at the arrival hall. NEVER talk or go anywhere with an individual at Pulkovo airport wearing the YELLOW ID CARD saying "OFFICIAL TAXI" or "OFFICIAL ST. PETERSBURG TAXI!

Most important information for visitors to St. Petersburg

Follow the link for visa information, train tickets, entry tickets to the Hermitage, museums, and parks. Buy your tickets directly from the official websites and avoid scams. Check the weather as well as the currency exchange rates before your trip.

A little about the history of St. Petersburg

The far-sighted Peter the Great did not accidentally decide to "cut a window to Europe" exactly where the Neva flows into the Gulf of Finland: these lands have long belonged to Russia, though at beginning of the XVII century the territory was conquered by Sweden. Having returned the Neva lands, on May 16 (May 27 – old style), 1703, Peter the Great laid the fortress of St. Petersburg on Hare Island. It gave the name of the future capital of Russia - Saint Petersburg. The most talented architects and engineers from different countries were involved in the construction. That is why the city's appearance has both Russian and Western artistic features. The construction of St. Petersburg went very fast, despite the difficult local geological and weather conditions.

St. Petersburg is the first Russian city that was originally conceived as a large-scale project, built according to the plan and built according to European models. Therefore, its appearance is so majestic, solemn and even somewhat pompous. During its period of development, the Northern capital was a participant in many events, but the historical center was preserved in its original form. Currently, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List according to several criteria: a masterpiece of human creative genius, an outstanding example of an architectural ensemble and landscape, an exceptional world importance of the object, every visitor to St. Petersburg can see this.

In 1914, St. Petersburg's name was changed to Petrograd in protest to the policy of Germany. And despite the fact that the city became the cradle of three revolutions, it lost its capital status in 1918. Another name change came after Lenin's death in 1924.

During the Great Patriotic War Soviet Leningrad acquired a new glory: the Hero City, where the inhabitants withstood a 900-day nazi blockade. And, despite the colossal losses (600 thousand people died of starvation-almost half of the entire population), the city remained alive thanks to the heroism and courage of Leningrad residents.

In 1991, after the collapse of the USSR, the historical name, St. Petersburg, was returned to the city. These different names for each particularly important change in Russian history is a fact that confirms the importance of the city on the River Neva. And even though it is not an official capital now, it is even more decorated with the status of the Northern Capital of the Russian Federation.

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