IMPORTANT: carefully study the customs rules of Estonia in order to avoid confiscation of goods and money, heavy fines or even arrest

There are quantitative restrictions or special requirements imposed on certain goods when travelling. Be sure to check the special requirements before travelling!

It is prohibited to import from Russia:

Among other prohibited goods, EU sanctions prohibit the import from Russia of goods the sale of which generates significant revenue for Russia. Such goods are, for example:

  • alcohol
    NB! Only 16 litres of beer, 4 litres of wine, 2 litres of light alcohol (e.g. cider, sparkling wine) are allowed.
  • tobacco products
  • crustaceans, caviar, caviar substitutes
  • clothing items (including women's and girls' clothing)
  • footware
  • wallets, handbags, travel bags
  • cosmetics and hair care products
  • hygiene products
  • household appliances
  • LED and other lamps, lights
  • smartwatches
  • photographic equipment, binoculars and other optics
  • CD discs, vinyl records, flash drives (i.e. data carriers in general)
  • gold, gold coins, gold jewellery, articles of goldsmiths' wares
  • cleaning products (incl. water purification tablets and disinfectants)
  • chemicals
  • certain fertilisers
  • wood and articles of wood, paperboard
  • furniture
  • iron and steel products
  • articles of cement, of concrete or of artificial stone
  • glass and glass containers
  • new pneumatic tyres, of rubber

The list is not exhaustive. The full list of goods can be found in Annex XXI to Article 3i of Council Regulation 833/2014.

It is also prohibited to import goods originating from Crimea, Sevastopol, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Please note that a violation of an international sanction is punishable either by a pecuniary punishment or imprisonment for a term of up to five years. 

It is prohibited to export to Russia

In addition to previous prohibitions (see prohibited goods), the EU sanctions prohibit the transfer of the following goods to Russia.

  • luxury goods:

    • goods insofar as their value exceeds 300 euros per item
    • electronic items for domestic use of a value exceeding 750 euros per item
    • audio and video equipment of a value exceeding 1000 euros per item
    • musical instruments of a value exceeding 1500 euros per item
    • motorcycles and parts thereof, the value of which exceeds 5000 euros per item
    • etc.
  • The full listof goods can be found in Annex XVIII to Article 3h of Council Regulation 833/2014. The restriction does not apply to personal items, e.g. a smartphone for personal use, valuable handbag, overwear, etc.
  • other goods, regardless of value, such as:

    • live plants, plant cuttings, bulbs, etc.
    • wood, plywood, paper, paperboard, wallpaper
    • fabrics
    • paints, varnishes, chemicals
    • articles of plastic such as doors, windows, etc.
    • many machinery, equipment, building materials
    • motor vehicles
    • etc.
  • The complete list of goods is set out in Annex XXIII to Council Regulation 833/2014.
  • the euro banknotes (EUR) and banknotes of the EU Member States (HRK, RON, BGN, HUF, CZK, PLN, SEK, DKK)

    As an exception, the export of these banknotes is permitted for the personal use of a traveller and members of his or her immediate family travelling with him or her.
    Council Regulation (EU) No 833/2014, Article 5i.

Republic of Estonia Tax and Customs Board