Taxi Scam at St Petersburg Airport

Traveling this far? Going to Russia for the first time? Wondering about transportation services in St.Petersburg? Be well prepared and don't fall victim to a taxi scam at Pulkovo airport.

The most important point to always remember: 

Never! No under any circumstances talk, listen or approach a person at Pulkovo airport wearing the YELLOW ID CARD saying "OFFICIAL TAXI" or "OFFICIAL ST. PETERSBURG TAXI" or "OFFICIAL AIRPORT PULKOVO TAXI". NEVER!!!

We've collected a few articles written on TripAdvisor by travelers to St.Petersburg.

  • "Hi. Yesterday I landed in Saint Petersburg. One guy approach me inside airport arrival. He was wearing one ID indication airport taxi services. He told us that he will go by meter and it’s airport taxi service. We had to go near palace square. He told( in broken English) it will be 600 rubel plus 300 if traffic. (Thts what exactly he told us). So we booked him. Once we reached our apartment his meter was showing 7600 rubles. We were shocked, it’s nearly $125. He told that it’s 600 as we start then 300 for every k.m. On Uber it was showing 800 rubles only. Beware guys. $125 for 15km ride". 

  • "As others mentioned I have met the taxi driver had all the id. When asking how much the price to the city center I was said its the meter that gives the price. On arrival got a shock when he said it was 5705 rubles. When asked for a receipt and he just ignored and locked the car."

  • "We were approached at the Airport by a decent looking man near the táxi kiosk. He showed us the credentials and I thought, as it is an official firm, I'll take up the offer instead of calling a Bolt driver as was my plan. Well, 15 minutes later I was being charged TEN THOUSAND Rubles, which is ten times more than the usual! And he didn't even give us a receipt. I asked how is this possible, but the driver just shrugged and said that he does not speak English. I was actually a bit scared to refuse to pay, as I was alone with my daughter, but this really ruined our holidays."

  • "I was told before, not to use a taxi driver at Russian Airports without contacting any taxi counter, because immediately when you come out from customs zone there are a lot of drivers which offer you a taxi ride. So I ignored them, but this is really a fraud scheme that is implemented here - these people should be ashamed. I went to this counter and the bad thing is, they work together with these scam drivers. The guy at the counter showed me to go with a driver and they charged me 4500 Rubles for a trip to the city. You cannot even trust people working for this "official Taxi company."

  • "I will never use the services of Taxi Pulkovo (the official taxi of SPB Airport) again. I clearly said the address I wanted to go, but the guy in the booth just gave the driver the instructions he pleased with the result of me ending at 2 km from the intended address. Being impossible to communicate with the driver (who spoke only Russian) and clear up the misunderstanding, I had to get out of the vehicle and walk all the distance (with heavy luggage)."

  • "Being here in SPb I can recommend ALL foreigners be very careful with taxis in popular places like railway stations, airports, historical center, etc. That happens anywhere in the world that those guys scam you during/after a journey, but in Russia, it is worth until you speak Russian, at least."

  • "We were in a hurry and took a taxi here. Paid exactly 10 times the price than normal taxi costs for the same root. Never ever again!"

  • "They charge exorbitant prices and are not forthcoming about it, at all. Do not use the "official" Pulkovo taxi under any circumstances. They present no advantage of convenience, and you pay a lot. Do not use this service, it's scam!"

  • "There are a lot of friendly reputable taxi drivers and taxi companies in this world but nevertheless there is also a high share of these black sheep that try to cheat you whenever it's possible and Taxi Pulkovo is also one on these. Conclusion: if you are not able to speak Russian they likely try to cheat you."

Beware of the personalities with yellow badges "Official St Petersburg Airport Pulkovo Taxi" - it is an airport taxi scam, always!