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Rule number one: buy Black Caviar only at legal and well-established shops, such as "Metro Cash & Carry". They will provide necessary papers for custom control. The shop is right on the way to the airport. Ask your taxi driver to stop by. 

If you are flying abroad, according to Russian customs legislation, one person can export 250 grams of black caviar. But not everything is as simple as it seems. When checking your Luggage, you will be asked about the origin of your caviar. If you bought it from poachers and do not have papers about the origin of the goods, then the caviar will be confiscated from you, and an administrative case will be initiated for transporting illegal goods.

Black caviar is often purchased as a souvenir for export from the country. This is quite natural because it has long been a symbol of our country. However, if someone needs black caviar abroad, the export ban is often heard in conversations. Issues of legislation in this area are quite a hot topic for discussion in our country. Black caviar poaching and an uncontrolled number of sturgeon catch led to the introduction of legislative regulation of this issue. And in this regard, the population has many doubts. Many people are interested in the question of whether the sale of black caviar is allowed. And we have a direct and proven answer to this question. Yes, black caviar in Russia purchased from a legal manufacturer is allowed to be exported from the country. However, there are certain conditions that place restrictions on such permission. The fact is that the legislation of the Russian Federation a few years ago introduced a complete ban on catching sturgeon, which are the main producers of black caviar. This naturally affected the production of this delicacy. Many people say that the sale of black caviar is prohibited. This is due to the inability to catch sturgeon on the territory of Russia. However, the method that our company uses is completely legal, and the ban on the sale of black caviar does not apply to it. New technologies have made it possible to create conditions in fish factories that are suitable for growing sturgeon, which do not differ from their free counterparts. Growing in aquaculture has nothing to do with what poachers do, black caviar obtained in this way is absolutely legal. Only such products are allowed for sale in our country.

There is another, no less popular question: "Dear Customs, does black caviar have any peculiarities when exporting?"There are also many inaccuracies in the public consciousness. There is an opinion that there is a ban on the export of black caviar since its sale is not so simple. But this is not the case at all. If you are interested in black caviar, customs legislation allows you to freely export up to 250 grams per person. This news cannot but please those who carry it as Souvenirs. However, there are some features here. Customs officers will be sure to ask about its origin, and for this, you will need documents for the export of black caviar. Buying it from legal manufacturers, You will not be difficult to explain where it comes from. However, if you do not have documents, black caviar export will cause you trouble. The products will be confiscated, and an administrative case will be initiated against You for transporting illegal goods. But if you have legally purchased black caviar, the law is on Your side. When purchasing a product from our company, you will receive a veterinary certificate, a Declaration of conformity, a certificate of conformity of products to GOST of Russia, as well as a commodity and cash receipt for the purchased products. So, if you have black caviar with you, customs will be able to verify its origin. In this case, You should not have any problems. If you have all the documents for such goods as black caviar, the customs legislation is calm about the fact of its export. It should also be noted that when exporting these products, it is necessary to use the" red corridor " at customs since it is included in the list of goods subject to mandatory Declaration. Don't forget this when you cross the state border.

Foreign rules for the import of goods may not coincide with the rules for the export of goods from Russia. For example, according to the customs rules of the Russian Federation, one person has the right to export 250 grams of black caviar. At the same time, Israeli customs regulations allow the import of black caviar without restrictions, and US customs regulations allow the import of only 125 grams of black caviar per person. Therefore, please note that compliance with the customs regulations of the country where you are going is your personal responsibility.

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