St Petersburg Airport Transport

Transport from St Petersburg Airport - taxi, bus, metro?

There are many options of how to get a ride from Pulkovo airport to St Petersburg city centre. We will point out a few basic options.

  • There is no train service from Pulkovo airport to St.Petersburg city centre.
  • The cheapest but most inconvenient way is with "marshrutka" bus. We strongly advise: please  don't do it. Unless you like a rollercoaster ride or you really want to spoil your first impression of Russia.
  • Municipal bus to the metro station is a transportation mode for budget passengers. Please take note that our metro is deep, there are no lifts at the stations and it's quiet full during rush hours. Having a large pieces of luggage - do yourself a favour and forget about this option.
  • The all time favorite is the taxi. There are many taxi companies one can use in order to get from the airport to St.Petersburg city centre. First of all: always be on alert and beware of TAXI SCAM at Pulkovo airport. Having a few pieces of luggage? The cheapest options are not for you as most of the cars are relatively small. The average and most popular option is to book an SUV vehicle with Meet-and-Greet service by an English-speaking driver and enjoy the fixed tariff and comfortable ride.