Transfers in Saint Petersburg - Information, questions and answers.

Taxi and transfer service is covering the Central, Admiralteysky and Moskovsky District of Saint-Petersburg, Petrogradsky and Vasilyevsky Island. There will be an extra surcharge applicable in the event of booking the ride to the distant areas. 
Our drivers will NEVER leave without our passengers! Try your utmost best to inform us if you have any difficulties. We will be also appreciated if you will offer a compensation of a parking fee paid extra by your driver in the event of extra long exit time.
Most of the transfers are specified on this page. You will see the most popular routes and available vehicle classes.The price is provided for each transfer and there is a link to the booking form.
Obviously, we would prefer to receive your booking as early as possible. You're welcome to send your booking request in any case even it's a short notice. Due to the fact that we're not aggregators like most other services and we have our own vehicles, we will try our utmost best to accommodate your reservation. Advanced bookings are highly appreciated!
Yes. The transfer is provided as a trip to any point within St. Petersburg's central district limits. If you want to book a transfer to your hotel, specify your hotel name and address in the Destination Address field in a booking form. The driver will take you to the hotel, the price doesn’t depend on its address.
Please, type the pick-up location in the Pickup Point / Address field and specify that you need to go to the airport in the Destination Address field. Kindly provide your flight number in order to make sure that we have correct pick up time.
Send as a message with all your questions and we will reply as soon as possible. All contact details will be provided in a voucher as well.
Luggage and passenger capacity are shown for each vehicle type in the list of transfers, there are also examples of cars. Do not forget to specify the number of passengers and the amount of the suitcases.
Children are also considered passengers. When you are booking your transfer, you have to order child seats and your driver will install them for safety purpose. Child seats are required by law for minors under 7 y.o. Child seats will be provided free of charge. Specify your requirement in the Special Instructions field.
In most countries child seats are necessary to transport children, there are penalties for not using child seats. If you don’t order a child seat, the driver has right to cancel your transfer. In any case, children safety is more important. Seats will be provided free of charge!
If you receive information about the flight just before the departure, please specify the city you are flying from in the Flight / Train Number field. We will accept your booking, but you should inform us about your flight number as soon as you know it via email, WhatsApp or SMS.
For a transfer FROM the airport please specify your arrival time according to your ticket. The driver will monitor your arrival according to the flight number. If you are going TO the airport, subtract from the departure time (specified in your ticket) 3 hours.
For example: your departure time is 14:00,  then you need to specify a departure time as 11.00am.
Specify the hotel name or destination address. You may copy hotel address from the hotel voucher. If you don’t know the address, you will have to explain the driver where you’re going. The price includes transportation to any point within St. Petersburg's city limits.
Yes! It's advisable to book your return transfer well in advance. In order to insure the availability most of the passengers are booking a return transfer simultaneously.
As soon as you make the booking, you will receive confirmation on your email, it’s a voucher where you can see booking number and transfer details. This email means that the car has been booked and the driver will meet you at the specified time. If you haven’t received the confirmation email, check your spam box and after you should immediately contact us.
Yes, the booking changes will be made for free, preferably no later than one day before the trip. To make changes, send us email. All contact details will be in your voucher.
The driver will meet you holding a name sign with your name. If he meets you in the airport, he will be waiting for you in the arrival hall. If you don't see your name sign for any reason - the meeting point is near the "Starbucks" at the arrival hall. Very easy to find.
If you go from the hotel, your driver will be waiting for you at the hotel’s lobby or reception.
We guarantee that the driver will do his utmost best to meet you. He will have your phone number, and you will have his phone number too. As soon as you go out of the arrival exit, pay attention to the name signs in front of you and keep your phone switched on. The driver will NEVER be waiting for you outside of the arrival hall or in the open air in the street. If you don't see your name sign for any reason - the meeting point is near the "Starbucks" at the arrival hall. Very easy to find. Transfer failures are extremely rare.
As soon as you know that your flight is delayed, kindly send us a message. You should specify your name and new time of arrival. All contact details will be on your voucher.
If you arrive before the transfer start time, it’s possible that your driver isn’t there yet. Please, stay in the arrival hall and wait for your driver. You may text him saying that you’re waiting for him in the arrival hall. Kindly note that all flights are monitored via the Flight Radar App and all our drivers are usually right on time. In the rare case that you don't see your name sign - the meeting point is near the "Starbucks" at the arrival hall. Very easy to find.
All contact details will be on your voucher. You're welcome to send your direct phone or WhatsApp number to us. Please, call or text us if your flight is delayed or canceled. It’s possible that the driver doesn’t have enough time to monitor such changes in the airport tracking system. If you don’t find your driver upon arrival, call him or text him saying where you’re waiting for him. We will be appreciated of you can inform us in the event if your luggage was lost and you have to complete the forms at the airport.
Do not worry, our drivers specialize in airport transfers and cancellations of meetings are extremely rare. If you don't see your name sign for any reason - the meeting point is near the "Starbucks" at the arrival hall. Very easy to find. In case of emergency you're welcome to call or text us.
We are advertising an English-speaking service and trying to assign English-speaking drivers for all our transfers. Most of the drivers speak English. On some occasions all English-speaking drivers are fully booked. In that case you're welcome to ask your driver to call the English-speaking manager if you have something to discuss.
We accept cash, PayPal and online card payments.
  • Should your booking will be accepted and a card payment chosen - we will send you a payment link together with the confirmation voucher.
  •  If you chose a PayPal - we will send you a voucher and a PayPal payment request. 
  • You can also chose a cash to the driver option, in some cases we will require a 25% card pre-payment. 
  • We accept Roubles, Euros and US Dollars. Please note that we DO NOT ACCEPT the old, marked, stained or torn banknotes.

We accept payment via VISA and MasterCard. These are the most secure and convenient ways to pay online. You will be able to make a payment ONLY when we will send you a confirmation voucher and a link for secure online payment.
We also accept a PayPal and cash on arrival: RUB, EUR, USD. Kindly note that we DO NOT ACCEPT the old, marked, stained or torn banknotes. 
Payment may be made in the currency specified in the voucher (Rouble, Euro or USD). Please prepare the necessary amount of cash in advance.
If the booking is changed, we have to confirm that we can meet you. Send the information to the address that will be indicated in the voucher about the changes as soon as possible. We will assign the driver and send you a new voucher.
Yes, if you cancel your order not later than 24 hours before the transfer, we will fully refund the pre-payment. If the trip doesn’t take place because of our mistake, the prepayment will also be refunded.
The price is for the car. It doesn’t depend on the number of passengers. Each vehicle type is provided with passenger and standard luggage capacity information. The child seats are provided free of charge.
Unlike others - the seats for most important passengers are free of charge.
Sometimes our office is very busy. Saturdays and Sundays - all the times. Kindly excuse us if our office assistant will paste a wrong figure in to the voucher. We will always correct it shortly. 
The driver monitors your arrival time according to your flight number. If the flight is late, he will arrive to the airport later, usually 20-25 minutes after the actual landing time. The usual waiting time included in the tariff is 1 hour. It's usually enough for everything. On the rare occasions we have long queues or lost luggage. Kindly text us if you feel that your exit will be taking longer than usual. We will also appreciate if you will offer a parking cost compensation to your driver should your exit will take longer than 1 hour.
Usually within 1 hour or so. You will receive a confirmation voucher if we can perform your transfer. We are not an aggregator and we don't have to look for the vehicle all over the world. As we a locally owned operator - we have our own vehicles. It's easy to confirm fast.
As soon as we receive booking request, our support manager will check it and send you a confirmation voucher. Link for secure online payment will be attached should you prefer a card payment. If we can’t find the necessary vehicle, we will inform you.